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For horse lovers, nothing is more exciting than seeing their beloved mare bring forth the next generation, after nearly a year of anticipation. The sight of their mare with her new foal out on pasture for the first time brings a joy like no other. The Bedouin valued their mares so much that they were permitted to live in their tents as part of their family (hence the phrase "live in the tent disposition").  This well-known poem expresses how special our mares are to us.


Blessed are the broodmares in the field,
Patiently carrying their heavy load
Without complaint waiting for the big day,
When they, without a sound, lay down in the straw

And then the most amazing thing happens,
The miracle of a brand new life.
Now the everlasting circle is complete,
The amazing wonder of a living thing.

The foundation stock of every breed,
How fast we all happen to forget,
Where all our champions came from.
How fast we are to discard the blessed ones.

When they get too old or unproductive,
The most tolerant members of every breed,
Raising their young without ever a mumble,
Loyal beyond everyone’s compare.

Till they go on to raise the next one,
When will we finally wake up and see
How enormously grateful we should be
For the blessed ones we so easily forget?


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