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Kaliph MH

El Shuja Wahid

EA Java
EA Java
El Shuja Wahid, Straight Egyptian Arabian stallion
Arabest Samir, Straoight Egyptian Arabian stallion

Our stallions and future prospects.

In any Arabian  or Half-Arabian breeding program, the selection of the stallion is a crucial decision. From ancient times to the modern era, fine Arabian stallions are distinguished emblems of strength and empowerment, bestowing great pride upon their owners. A great horse is stamped not only with strength, which does not inspire on its own, just as beauty alone does not touch the soul. A truly outstanding Arabian stallion has both beauty and strength, a combination of power and grace, masculine yet refined. There is something sacred about legendary sires never to be forgotten. In the same way that the highest of life cannot be without the deepest sleep, strength and beauty are unfulfilled without the softness of a gentle soul.

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